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Why Bee Rescued?

Bee Rescued Propolis care is nationally available brand made right here in Janesville, Wisconsin by the family owned company Little Honeyzzz. Not only do we develop and produce our own product line of personal care based items, but we also raise the honeybees that produce the ingredients going into these products. This makes our Bee Rescued Propolis care entirely unique. The other quality that makes us so very different is the fact that we put propolis into each and every product we produce.

Propolis is a substance made by the honeybee. It is a sticky, resinous substance that is used by the bee to both sterilize the inside of the colony and to act as a glue to help hold the structural components of the colony together. This amazing substance has been used medicinally for literally thousands of years, the first recorded instance of such prescription being the great philosopher Plato of whom it is written, prescribed this substance "for ulcers, both internal and external". Today, much research is being conducted on propolis by the global scientific community. Scientists in India are researching the healing affects of Propolis on oral wounds and dental carries while their counterparts in Europe test and examine the use of Propolis on burn and wound care. In every place where Propolis is being put to the test, it is producing astonishing results, results that the ancients were well acquainted with.

The honeybees that produce the propolis for all of the Bee Rescued brand products have been raised in a method of partnership and stewardship that differs from the rest of the bee industry. Our beloved honeybees are raised without the use of any antibiotics, corn syrup or chemicals of any kind. This means that the products harvested from our hives are 100% pure and natural raising the bar for the entire industry.

Every one of our Bee Rescued Products were made with one of our loved ones in mind. This means that when we formulated these products, they had to do their job well. We didn't simply make a product for the store shelves, we made a product that had to be capable of changing the lives of those who needed it. As a result, each and every one of our products are capable of and do change the lives of our customers every day! Formulated to work and formulated to be simple and pure, you'll never find chemicals, compounds or dangerous ingredients in any of our products. Simply 100% pure and natural goodness straight from the flower to you and your family!


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